A lovely post by my dearest friend: Melissa Ospina

I have a sister from another mister, and let me tell you this: she is the strongest woman I know, she is a warrior, a warrior that not only fights for her life, but also for inequality in the world, she has always been my Jiminy Cricket, she was my only ally on those teenager years when no one understood me, and she is a pain in the butt because she gets what she wants, and if it takes annoying the hell out of you, she’ll do it 😂. She is my favorite blog writer, she loves salsa as much as I do 💃🏻. She can talk to me only by looking into my eyes, and has a lot to do with the way I am… because in a sense I wish I could be half the way she is, strong, capable, taking no bullshit from anyone.

This super woman started today a battle against #fuckingcancer, and I hope you can have her in your thoughts and send healing energies to her. A way to help also is by following her on IG @disparatecriollo and subscribing to her blog (link in bio).

Cucarrona I love you beyond words!!! #luchandoporvivir #disparatecriollo #fuckcancer #miguerreravaliente #guerrera #sisterfromanothermister #lamparita #hermanadevida❤ 

Melissa Ospina @shalini_yoga 

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